img_3173-copyReaching the bereaved through literature, art, conversation, and counseling sums up my life’s work. Prior to becoming a writer of grief-related fiction and non-fiction, I was a therapist in El Dorado County, California, working with a number of agencies and specialties. Grief-work became my passion after my family and I experienced a number of deaths in a short amount of time.

For me, talking about death, dying, and how grief affects us, has never been morbid or distressing. Death is a passage we will all experience, and “de-stigmatizing” conversations about grief allows each of us to bring not only our losses to the forefront, but our relationships with those who deeply touched us. We have continued bonds with loved ones, friends, and pets well after their death, and I strive to communicate this with my readers in GriefINK, Out of Breath, and my blog. When we talk about death, we can talk about life.

BIO: Susan Salluce, MA, CT, holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and is a Certified Thanatologist–a death, dying, and bereavement specialist. Her recent book, GriefINK: Tattoo as the Language of Grief, is a narrative and pictorial book about the outward expression of tattoo as the inner process of grief that gives voice to loss, continuing bonds with the deceased, and comfort to the living.

In addition to GriefINK, Susan is the best-selling author of psychological thriller, Out of Breath, available on all E-readers. Out of Breath has sold over 35,000 copies, placed in the top three of the South West Writer’s competition for Mainstream/Literary novel, and is an Amazon Kindle Top 100 book in Psychological Thrillers. Out of Breath was translated into German–titled Himmelstranen–where it remains as a Top 100 Kindle EU Psychothriller.

Susan is a contributing author to Pathways to Purpose and Hope: A Guide for Creating a Sustainable Grief Support Organization for Families and Friends After a Suicide Death.She continues to contribute to the field of bereavement through her writing, and consultant work, and is a former facilitator for Friends for Survival, a non-profit dedicated to those affected by a suicide death. She is currently at work on a historical fiction novel based on the life a Vietnamese nail artist who fled Vietnam after the fall of Saigon.

When Susan is not writing, you can find her on the beach in Aptos, California with her family.