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2013 Guest Post

I was recently featured as a guest blogger at

This past December, I walked my father home in his dying days. In my blog and Facebook posts, my readers were privy to our last moments and his final words, “I love you, honey.” Watching someone slip away from Alzheimer’s disease took an enormous toll on me, and yet, I was blessed in the process. I received comforting words and prayers, and was so moved by the outpouring of support…a great deal of it from total strangers. As a grief specialist, it was amazing to be on the receiving end.

Birth and death are perhaps the two most transformative events that affect the living, causing us to reflect on our own mortality, quality of life, begging the question: am I living each day to the fullest?

I have been immersed in a great deal of soul searching since my father’s death…


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