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In my blog, my writing has shifted from that which is comfortable and familiar to exploring deeper issues that draw likeminded, growth-oriented, pushing-the-envelope, willing-to-risk individuals. In the past six months, many of us have been brought together by our pursuit of quality, life-touching writing. Others, by our grief of parent loss, broken relationships, and life transitions. The experience of connecting with another soul through hardships, stress, parenting, loss, letting go, letting in has resulted in my knitting together an afghan of an intentional community from around the globe. Our conversations, chats, and exchanged emails fill me in a way I could only dream.

Sometimes it takes great circumstances to get us to shake out of old patterns, living with mediocre or merely satisfactory lives, or tolerating despair. This has certainly been my plight over the past two years. Along the way, the blessing of enduring trials has been in meeting amazing individuals who also yearn for intentional, purpose-filled living. Some do this by walking away from a predictable, sure-thing job that has merely filled the day when what they’ve dreamt of has been kept at bay, year after year. Now is the time, they’ve finally said. Not later. Others have shared visions of creating social change, being the one to make a difference in poverty, educating others about the horrors of sex trading, and other social injustices. They’ve begged the question: If not me, then who will make a change? While others have come into my world, stunned and blinded by grief. As the veil of grief lifts, they are changed, needing to reach out to others and assist in their suffering.

Life has vastly changed for me over the past several years, sometimes leaving me to hold my head in my hands, other times causing me to dance in celebration. I yearn to give others a voice who have risked it all for the sake of purposeful living.

As a result, I’ve invited several people to share on my blog—those who left the familiar, the comfortable, the empty, in search of intentional living: A musician who works with women and children escaping sex trade; a surf-writer who started a radio show that is not only entertaining, but features segments that highlight dangerous issues in the surf community; a writer whose father-daughter relationship was cut short when he suddenly died at age fifty; a professional surfer who has a passion for healthy living, family, and most recently won the Big Wave Tournament, Mavericks in Half Moon Bay.

Through our interviews, you will get a peek journey they made to achieve their dreams. I hope that these interviews are encouraging and challenging, offering hope to those who live in fear that change is impossible. As always, you, the reader, have a story to share as well. I welcome it here, knowing that as you tell your truth, others will be touched and moved to make a change.

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